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My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game

Version: 1.6.1 | Downloads: 3.118

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Meet Boo, your new virtual pet! He's waiting for you to dress, feed, teach, clean and take care of him! Make your adorable little Boo perform numerous tricks and play exciting mini games! Give your Boo the best and coolest look and share the best moments with your friends. Boo is all the fun of owning a pet right in your hands. Are you ready for your Boo?

Like My Boo's page on Facebook and share your favorite Boo pictures:• ADOPT your Boo, give it a special name and watch it grow up! It’s so cute!

• DRESS Boo up with countless outfits to give your Boo the best look! Just they way you want!

• FEED Boo candy, fruits, vegetables, pizza, eggs or even sushi for a treat! Yummy!

• TICKLE your Boo, play keepie uppie or jump rope with your Boo to keep him happy and smiling!

• TUCK your Boo in when the day is over and Boo is tired!

• BATH your Boo to keep it clean and happy!

• DECORATE the walls and floor of every room of your Boo's house!

And much more! There’s so much to do in My Boo.

You will never get tired of your cute little pet monster!


Have fun and earn lots of coins with exciting mini games:

• Memory Game - Find all the matching cards to win

• Food Sorting - Move the food to the correct side

• Bowling - Slide Boo towards other Boos to hit them and score points

• Platform Jumping - Move Boo to collect food by turning the device

• Color Matching - Match the Boos with the same color, a match three style game

• Bubble Popping - Launch Boos and match them with other Boos of the same color

• Boobblegum - Create big bubbles, but don’t let the bees explode them

• Boo Slide - Slide the Boos to collect as many stars as you can

• Whack-the-Boo - Tap the Boos popping up from chimneys

And free new mini games with the updates of My Boo! Stay tuned!

Millions of people are already playing with their own virtual pet Boo.

Your Boo is just waiting for you! What are you waiting for? Get yours now! It’s free!


My Boo is the perfect game for children. It includes educational mini games with positive affirmation to develop children’s counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes, coordination and motor skills. It focuses on making your child learn by playing. Every activity involves a different set of skills making it a complete educational experience. Don’t forget to try our other virtual pet games, including My Virtual Pet, My Virtual Dog, My Virtual Cat and My Virtual Hamster!



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Molto puccioso, ma ha alcune cose inferiori a pou: ci sono pochi giochi, non ha il giardino, gli oggetti e il cibo costano davvero troppo. Davvero bello, di sicuro superiore in pucciosità e nella scelta dei vestiti a pou. Ma decisamente da migliorare


2 months ago


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