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Easy Keyboard Custom IME

Version: IX37 | Size: 2.07M | Downloads: 45

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Easy Keyboard !!!
The Best All Around Keyboard for Android
Get it while its hot !!!We Now have 66 Free themes. More than any other keyboard!
Don't think we well stop there!! Many More to come!!
Help Make this The #1 Keyboard app by giving us a good rating if you like it.

This is the Ultimate package for people that love to customize their phones or tablets at a very reasonable price.

No More Purchasing a Keyboard and having to purchase themes to go along with it !!!

Now you can try before you buy.
Themes only work with the paid version More.......Your Privacy Is Important to us:For any keyboard that is installed on your phone you will see the standard warning message stating that input methods may collect sensitive information.
We Assure you that weDO NOTstore any of this information. We do not request internet permissions. This will give you the extra comfort of knowing that this app can never transmit any data to an outside source whatsoever.Easy Keyboard Works Great On Tablets:Easy Keyboard with it's awesome split screen option makes it
a great tool for tablet users. Why Purchase a seperate keyboard for your tablet and phone when Easy Keyboard works on Both. We want you to have it all.
Tested on Motorola Zoom and Asus Transformer and Nook ColorEasy Keyboard Supports Gestures:With the swipe of your finger you can perform basic actions.
The swipe actions can also be changed in the settings.We Support Themes:Easy Keyboard let's you Change the look of your keyboard.
We have Over 50 Themes in the market for you to choose from
(That's more than any other keyboard gives you)
There is definately something for everybody.
Our themes range from simple and plain to Extreme HD Styling.
Best of all, all of the themes are FREE!! And will only work for Easy Keyboard. We are working on many more so check back often.Predictions:With Smart predictions you can easily save hundreds of keystrokes. Tap unknown words to easily add them to your personal dictionary.

This keyboard is perfect for everybody !!!

This Keyboard Only uses Themes made for easy keyboard published by us. Themes for other keyboards such as Smart Keyboard Perfect keyboard Ultra keyboard Slideit keyboard A.I.type keyboard better keyboard and swiftkey will not work with Easy Keyboard. This is to ensure that the quality of our product remains solid. Other keyboards that support themes published by other people are subject to issues because the theme creators are making the themes for multiple keyboards and this can even sometimes break your keyboards functionality.
We solve this problem for you.

Customer Service is our #1 Goal
After all without you we would have nothing.
If you have any issues Please email us and we will respond quickly to help resolve your problem. We are not here to rip anyone off and would like to establish an on-going relationship with you.

Bad Comments and Ratings DO NOT make better apps !!!
Good Customer Feedback Does !!!

Help Support a Better Android Market
It's up to us users !!!




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Easy Keyboard Custom IME is Unknown

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Min SDK: 3
Min Screen: small
Supported CPU: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips, x86
MD5: 2825351e50bacb20ebf60b5cf9470e68
Signature SHA1: 12:B3:4F:B4:32:09:2D:9B:81:87:AA:E7:AB:93:B8:12:AF:18:AC:10
Developer (CN): blackmart
Organization (O): blackmart
Locality (L): Moscow
Country (C): Russian Federation [RU]
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows an application to read the user's contacts data.
Allows an application to write to external storage.