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Instalment & Interest

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MyCapital is a powerful professional app including the following functions:
>Calculation for different capital processes with monthly instalment, interest and interest on interest, as
- long term money,
- instalment savings,
- retirement pay,
- instalment credits.

Includes special actions in the calculation, as
- unscheduled payments (single and periodic),
- changes of monthly instalment (esp. interest-only-instalment, zero instalment),
- change of interest rate (credit and debit),
- correction of inflation for instalment rate or final capital.

> Forward calculation: final capital or duration, incl. special actions

> backward calculation: initial capital, monthly instalment or interest rate, icl. special actions

> Presentation of calculation results as
- values (calculation target, sum of instalments, sum of interest),
- diagram for flow of capital and sum of interest,
- plan of payments as table, condensed to years, quarters, months.

> Creates a professional PDF with all information of the process, including
- diagram and payment table, with additional free text.
- Can send this PDF with a single click to an email receiver (your customer) or to yourselves for printing.

Automatically saves all information of a process into a data file that can be reloaded later on.
So you can continue working on a case after an interruption or use an previous case as a template for a new one.

> Offers built-in-examples for different processes to be used as templates for your own processes.

> Extended help functions:
- Field help for all credit parameters,
- download of the user manual to be used offline on your device later on,

> Language (English, German) and text size can be chosen freely and saved into a settings file.

Please download the app’s user guide from

before you buy the app. There you will find helpful hints how to use the app and extended examples with screen shots.

If you decide to buy it after reading, you will not regret having spent some dollars for it. MyCapital can save you a lot of money in a short time.

If you are pleased by MyCapital please write a short review.
If you have difficulties to calculate your own processes, please write me an email with the process parameters. I will recalculate your process as soon as possible and/or give you advise.

Android version: min. 2.5

Access to external memory: for capital files only

Access to internet : for download of PDF User Guide only
Access to Phone: for sending mails with PDF only

You can work absolutely offline with MyCapital .



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